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Billing is for one semester at a time, or 4-5 lessons each month.


30-minute lesson
$22.50 per session

45-minute lesson
$33.75 per session

60-minute lesson
$45 per session

If you choose to pay monthly, tuition is to be paid on or before the first lesson of each month. We will give you an invoice before the beginning of the month or you may sign up for a recurring lesson plan.

There will be a $5 late fee assessed for payments received after the 10th of the month and for incomplete payments.

Student Absences

The payment of tuition reserves a regular weekly time slot for the student. Since that weekly time slot is reserved for that student alone, tuition is due for scheduled lessons regardless of whether or not the student actually attends all lessons. Advance notice of an absence by the student is mandatory. If one week’s notice is not given, a lesson fee still applies.

Instructor Cancellations

If the instructor cancels a lesson for any reason other that the holidays or pre-arranged dates, credit for one lesson will be given on the following months invoice.