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Lots to Cover

It has been quite an eventful month! We have gone through the last of the spring lessons, and the end of year recital is now over. I would like to thank Tahan Burnham and Ethan Spracklen for playing in my senior recital. The two of you did a wonderful job and everyone loved it. For those who attended my recital, or in any other way showed support for me, thank you. You are all too kind to me.

The student recital I held at the end of the year went very well! Now that I have graduated I am missing all of you. For those of you who have yet to compete in Guild next week, good luck! I know you’ll all do the best that you can.

While most of you are on summer break, I am working hard to start my own studio, and to build my presence in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m looking forward to meeting new students, and I hope that they are as much fun to teach as you all were! Speaking of which, for those of you who gave me testimonials, whether by camera or even some right here on the blog, thank you. It means a lot to me to know you guys have loved being taught as much as I loved teaching you.

Happy summer, and don’t forget to keep practicing!

Group Lesson was Wonderful

Thank you all for letting your kids participate last Wednesday for the group lesson! I know it’s hard finding a time that works for everyone, and I understand that certain priorities come before piano. Just so you parents have an idea of what we did, I thought I’d tell you a little about it.

First we played a game that exercised the student’s knowledge regarding musical terms. I wanted to start with some basic level so old and young alike can participate in the events to follow. Next we all got together and learned a little about Gershwin, which culminated in a duet put on by me and a fellow teacher Mary Abraham. The kids liked that a lot. During the performance they were told to listen for specific things about the piece using the terms earlier and they did fairly well, though one poor girl raised her hand for Gershwin being a baroque composer. :)

Then we all took a test to find out what type of learner they were. Based on the results, they were put into 4 groups, each with their own activity to do based on the test results. One group’s activity (the aural group) was to listen to a piece of music and write a story to it based on how the music went. The story was perfect! I loved it, especially the end of it (when the music became happy again.) Students in that group, make sure to tell your parents the story. Extra credit for having the piece of music playing in the background as you tell it!

Lastly, the students performed. A highlight was when one student lost his place and just couldn’t remember what came next. Trey, recognizing the piece, ran up with his book and set it in front of him. It was one of the prouder moments of my young teaching career. These kids can teach us a lot! I know they have impacted my life.

So, those who couldn’t make it, do not fret. There is always another group lesson right around the corner it seems. We are really winding down right into the recital. Just three short weeks left! I’m looking forward to the culmination of all your kids hard work and am going to enjoy listening to all the great music they have learned.


Guild is coming up! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Guild, it is a piano competition, that is judged, and my students get to participate in it! Based on how they do, and what level/songs they choose to play in, they will be awarded a certificate, and given a score that will hopefully help our studio become more aware of our strengths, and areas we can grow in. You can check more about it here:

If you are interested in guild, please comment below on what pieces you will be playing this coming semester by February 5th! I’m excited for you all to participate. We will be talking more about this in your lessons next week.

Lessons start this week

Welcome back everyone from Christmas break! Now that you are all rested and ready to edify yourselves musically, let’s keep that motivation going through this semester. This semester’s theme is learning how to creatively shape your ideas so that you can own the music you play. This is my last semester with some of you guys, let’s make the most of it. I’m going to miss you all when it’s over.