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Piano Lessons Grand Rapids MI

Instructor Bradley Smith
B.A. Piano Pedagogy

Bradley Smith was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He was Home Schooled in high school and received his Bachelor’s of Music in 2010 from Cedarville University. He is preparing for his wedding in July 31st to his wonderful fiancee Jessi, who is a talented photographer.

Brad began piano lessons at five years old and continued taking traditional piano lessons through high school. Although he initially showed little interest and potential, he became inspired by attending various musical camps and listening to the beautiful парки Новосибирска music others were able to create. Eventually Brad won, placed or qualified in national, state and local piano competitions and participated in well-respected camps and seminars.

During his college years, Brad realized that in order to find work he had to become a well-rounded musician, not just a classical pianist. He began playing at weddings, churches and various functions, and accompanied different bands and choirs to learn improvisation techniques and musical styles. He began teaching private students through his own studio and the Music School at Cedarville University, and taught group classes for his studio.

Breathe Piano was established in 2007 to be a refreshing alternative to traditional piano lessons. Brad intends to make the experience of learning to play the piano rewarding, social and fun and teach students to develop the necessary skills and principles to become pianists for a lifetime.