Sunday, April 15, 2018

Misled: Kids in America

Misled: Kids in America
By: Amy de Miceli

School shootings are not surprising anyone anymore.  An active shooter on a school campus paints a scary and sad picture for any parent, a picture that they must bury deep as they send their child off to school each morning. What if a shooter went into your child’s school? What if your child is only five or six years old? Who will protect them? Who are you depending on? 

No parent wants to answer these difficult questions, and the government knows that, so they will offer to take that responsibility off your plate, they will be the parental figure and will take charge of all parental responsibilities.  They will step in and blur the boundaries between parent and guardian, and you submit every time you leave them to face the day away from you and their true family. A minor left unattended is how the government sees it, and they will do all the tending in your place.

Off the Cliff of Freedom Into the Secure Pit of Hell

As Americans, we find ourselves shamed by the rest of the world, shamed by our children, the children who we do everything for, or at least that is the mains stream media’s talking point, or more accurately described as their pressure point. They use your children to manipulate your love of them, they use them to promote an agenda that will ultimately hurt them and you and me and everyone else.  Of course we should do things for the children, but on the top of that list is protecting them. But what does that mean?  It means something different for everyone.

The children are being used, from David Hogg and Delaney Tarr and their calls for gun control, to the kid up the block who walked out of class who may want to ban guns or may actually just want to skip 8th period, because c’mon what percent of these kids just wanted to not have to go to school, because school sucks, it really sucks. It sucks everything from them, and they have an instinct about such things, and it’s not that they are lemmings, the powers that be only hope that they are, they are actually individuals who want to soar, they want to be free, but they are being used and misguided for the purpose of making future generations prisoners not schoolchildren.

These children have been put in an unfair position, they do not know what it means to give up your freedom in exchange for security. They do not fully understand the enslavement that is waiting for them at the end of the warm fuzzy, emotional laden, protests. 


First and foremost the second amendment debate is just the fuel for them to trigger EVERYBODY. The second amendment has been and will continue to be widdled away here in America, and it will be gone, eventually and no one will really even know it, until they start putting people in jail for violating the federal laws that have been layered over the top of the second amendment. The second amendment was made to keep tyrannical governments in check, and it “shall not be infringed” but the tyrannical government does not like that, so they have turned it around into a polarizing debate. There is no debate, just a problem reaction solution script that most people lap up no matter which “side” you agree most with. And to ensure that a rational debate will never find its way to your television screens they have placed children out in front to yell loudly over anything factual, with the emotion that you would expect from a teenager.

Instead of allowing these children to use their emotions to be the powerful creators that they were intended to be, they are being mistreated by just about everyone because they themselves do not know the true nature of their power, and anyone who cares to think about it for more than an emotional second, knows that they are in this position because they are allowed to be. If they were out marching and yelling about something that was AGAINST the new world agenda, no matter how big their numbers were, they would never be allowed on CNN or wherever else the cabal allows them to appear.


The real issue at hand lies dormant and it is not on the radar at all. It is called parens patriae and it is defined as follows: “the government, or any other authority, regarded as the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves.”

The powers who want total control also want a grey world, full of drones and worker bees, providing for the queen, appeasing the hive, and they can only achieve this if they take total authority over the youth, and replace the family with government control. A system where no one has a personal opinion, or an individual voice, where no one could be heard over the buzz of the hive mind. 

When you enroll your child into school you are allowing for someone else to raise them. As it is now a stranger will have more influence on their decision making than you or your family. A government institution makes judgements on their behavior and molds their moral and ethical standards.  The system has been slowly taking away your influence and is preparing to take away your rights. The United States Department of Education, known as “ED” has been preparing itself for total control of the future by taking control of the children now.


ED has been decades in the making. Lyndon Johnson signed ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act in 1965) this was a vital step in the process to disintegrate parental rights. First they had tempt the states with the idea that federal dollars would roll into their poorest districts if they would just comply with some federal regulations, of course they complied, and they still comply.

Throughout the years it has been more money for more compliance.

Under Bush JR. there was the infamous No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which was the real start of something special in regards to the relationship of YOUR specific child and the Federal government. Expanding the program with a new way to keep a solid record on everyone, a true permanent record, and thanks to Obama who signed ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act, in 2015) the federal government can now keep tabs on your children, not only academically but mentally too. The bill included grants to test children for mental health issues, to track your child’s behavior, through the federal government, on a permanent record, under the guise of “keeping them safe”. 

It continues today, and no republican or democrat can change the agenda of ED. It is amazing that people actually cheer for MORE money for education and even now, Trump has obliged, boosting this year’s Education Department budget to over 70 BILLION dollars.

It has been done and redone for the past 53 years and still the school systems are failing in everyone’s eyes, but it is not, it is working perfectly for those who want to control the future, and they are using your children to enslave your grandchildren, and ED is achieving the agenda diligently.  

We have to ask, you have to know! 
What will they do with all those BILLIONS in 2018 and beyond? 
They will end school shootings of course! They will spend a lot of money taking away freedom to make way for a whole lot of security, the plan will include securing your child, even if it means keeping them from you!


The Department of Education head Betsy DeVos has declared she will have a three prong approach to end school violence.  The approach that is about to be unveiled is nothing new, in fact it is a repeat of what Hillary was hoping to achieve when she was the first lady but now it is Trump’s ED head who will be the one to roll out the Mental Health Screening program of your children, because how can we know which one of these kids is real danger, unless we screen them ALL!  

The first prong will be the screening and tracking and the second will be the organization system that will be implemented for long term data collection on your children, so that the information can easily follow them from school to school over the years, eventually following them into their career. The second prong will include counselors, (also known as therapists, the (mind) rapist), just someone for the kids to talk to, behind your back, without your consent, someone who will help the government determine their sanity, and someone who will give a  projection of where their “personality type” will be in any number of years.

The teachers and counselors will be able to track and score your child’s behavior through a computer app, and that score will follow him or her throughout her whole life, not just through school. 

Did Johnny share, push someone, lie to the teacher? Go see the counselor, update the mental health chart, and by the time Johnny reaches 18 it will be determined that he should never own a fire arm, or be a police officer, or drive a car or be a chef, or maybe Johnny should never have children? Yes this is the behavior that will be tracked – all of it.  
One app already being used by therapists in a school setting is BOSS. Behavioral Observation of Students in Schools, BOSS was created by Pearson, a company that controls the majority of the standardized tests in America, and a company that has stood alongside many US presidents including Bush and Obama in creating our education curriculum.  The lines are already blurred, they are just now getting ready to tell the parents about it. 


True psychopaths, sociopaths or narcissists keep their feelings hidden, because they have none, and they merely imitate what they perceive the actual emotions to look like. The real mentally disturbed people, or psychopaths will not get caught in the safety net, they are much fewer in numbers and slip through all the cracks.

Unfortunately in today’s society, whether through social media or entertainment, we have many people who are not actually psychopaths but have been trained to over bloat their lower ego and display selfish behavior, and can become mean spirited people. This type of person will be the one seeking the attention that will be provided by ED’s first two prongs, and we will see a severe rise in children being prescribed MORE drugs, which will make them more likely to become mentally unstable, because that is what these drugs do to children. Every school shooter has been on prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor, by recommendation of a mental health professional, to treat depression or anxiety or insomnia. These drugs should be banned, but that will never happen.

After these children have been mind-screwed and drugged up by their school counselor we will find that the solution may now be the cause ofthe problem.  Ultimately, whatever the situation, if someone wants to hurt another person they will look past the gun if one is not available, knives, cars, we have seen it all everywhere around the world, gun laws matter not to the criminal, after all aren’t most schools “gun-free zones”?

This mental health smokescreen is being used at your child’s expense for the agenda of ED to proceed with its plan of eradicating the individual and taking over parental rights, and being in total control, using a tragedy to expand their reach to achieve their agenda. They only use gun control as a distraction.


So far the debate has centered on arming teachers, and there are of course two sides to the argument, and the media loves the simplicity of it! They know this argument is flawed and no one can win, there are major pluses and minuses to both sides, and so what is needed is a solution that everyone can love. Security.  

The security would have to be on-site and spread out throughout the school.  In fact it was mentioned by Trump at his “listening session” with students, parents, and teachers affected by gun violence in schools (on February 21 2018). He said, “You’d have a lot of people that would be armed, that would be ready, they are professionals, they may be marines that left the marines, left the army, left the air force and they’re adept at doing things. You’d have a lot of them and they’d be spread evenly throughout the school...having pretty much professionals with great training,”

So what Trump is describing are military security contractors, like Blackwater, now known as Academi and Constellis. Fascinating to note that these contracting companies have a very close connection to the US Dept. of Education head, Betsy DeVos, after all the founder of this private security empire is her brother Erik Prince.   Prince also operates another security company known as Frontier Services Group, so it will be interesting to watch this unfold, and see who the ED allocates their security budget to.


Through mental health, they will be integrating healthcare into the school system, and that will give the government an obscene amount of power over your children in a multitude of ways. 

This is what they plan on using all those billions of ED dollars for, those three prongs are going to be plugged into a high voltage line, and powered up with your children’s energy and it should come as no surprise when the plan is unveiled, because it is all right in your face.

It is time for you to recognize that this is your responsibility, it is your job while you still have it, to protect your child.  To protect them always, individually, to help them fly, break the chains that are binding them to the collective, do not allow them to be misled off the cliff of freedom into the secure pit of hell...  because no one has to die tomorrow.