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Man Cries Out for God's Help, Call Answered

By Alex Ansary , on 09-02-2009 02:02

Published in : Resistance, Patriots

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This story certainly causes some of us to ponder how our thoughts have power in more ways than we may know.

As you seen below in this video, a man cries out to God for help as two large police officers attempt to arrest him for not providing them with ID. When asked why he was under arrest, one of the officers stated that "it didn't matter." The man believed he would be saved from the wrath of the police and after being tasered, the unthinkable happened. Doesn't it prompt your curiousity about the power of prayer and thought?


He fought back with his words, which also clearly had a psychological impact on the police. It clearly created a certain level of confusion. His determined spirit gave him the STRENGTH to resist what he saw as a unjust arrest and he called out for help and had the FAITH that he would be protected from harm. As soon as he was tasered, suddenly he had the strength to overcome the grasp of the two larger police officers.

In addition, his wife had the courage to capture this entire situation on camera. Her fearless and calm demeanor allowed her to film a steady, clear view of everything taking place and being said.

What if we also believed in some way that we were protected from harm and that good will triumph over evil? Are we in our own lives in touch with our own powerful spirit? Do you think it possible we can learn some things from this video? I think so.

Remember to remain calm and keep a clear head as well as powering up your own powerful spirit to aid you in a potentially dangerous situation.

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