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Grid Down Acapulco: 'There’s Nothing to Eat'

Grid Down Acapulco: 'There’s Nothing to Eat'

Though the government would like us to believe there is rarely looting or panic in the aftermath of a disaster, the fact of the matter is that within 72 hours of any serious crisis people will lose it....

Police Are More Dangerous To The Public Than Are Criminals

Police Are More Dangerous To The Public Than Are Criminals

The goon thug psychopaths no longer only brutalize minorities – it is open season on all of us – the latest victim is a petite young white mother of two small children.  

Modern art was CIA 'weapon'

For decades in art circles it was either a rumour or a joke, but now it is confirmed as a fact. The Central Intelligence Agency used American modern art - including the works of such artists as Jackson...

A Never-Ending Disaster at Fukushima

Japan is stumbling helplessly from one crisis to the next as it battles the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. US nuclear inspector Dale Klein is demanding the intervention of foreign...

Shameful truth about Hugo Boss's links to the Nazis

Editor's Note: This Daily Mail article tries so hard to declare Hugo Boss's relationship with Nazi's as acceptable while simultaneously pointing a big wagging finger at Russell Brand because of his truthful,...

We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online

School is a prison — and damaging our kids

Central Bankers Plan Global Theft, Massive Pain

School Has Become Too Hostile to Boys

4 Year Old Girl’s Vegetable Garden Must Go, Says USDA

Hospital seeks legal guardianship of Amish girl after her parents stop chemo

SWAT Cop Says American Neighborhoods Are 'Battlefields,' Cops Face Same Dangers As Soldiers In Afghanistan

50 Shades of Grey - Pedophilia Hiding In Plain Sight

How North Dakota Plans To Become The Drone Capital Of America

NJ: Freehold Raceway Mall installs license plate readers

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Cancer Officially Number One Cause of Childhood Death in U.S.

Cancer Officially Number One Cause of Childhood Death in U.S.

ABC News is reporting today that cancer has officially outranked every other cause of childhood death in this country:

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Another multi-billion dollar war has begun

Another multi-billion dollar war has begun

President Obama announced late last week that the US intelligence community had just determined that the Syrian government had used poison gas on a small scale, killing some 100 people in a civil conflict...

Israeli airstrikes prompt threats, anger in Syria

Israeli airstrikes prompt threats, anger in Syria

Israel rushed to beef up its rocket defenses on its northern border Sunday to shield against possible retaliation after carrying out two airstrikes in Syria over 48 hours — an unprecedented escalation...

Syrian president says US, Europe will Regret Backing al-Qaeda in Syria

Syria's President Bashar Assad accused the West on Wednesday of supporting al-Qaeda operatives in Syria's civil war and warned they would turn against their backers and strike "in the heart of Europe...

Fifteen Die in Israeli Airstrikes

Israel pounded Gaza for the second day in a row, trading airstrikes and rocket fire with Palestinian militants and killing 15 of them as the deadliest Gaza violence in over a year showed no signs of...

The New World Disorder

During the conference of Berlin in 1878, when the destiny of the “Sick Man of Europe” (The Ottoman Empire) was at stake with the plight of its subject nations hanging in the balance, German Chancellor...

CIA Drones Deliberately Target Innocent People

Offshore Everywhere: Planning The End National Sovereignty As We Know It

Ahmadinejad: 'Preparing the scheme of global governance...our most important responsibility and mission'

CIA 'Kill List' Panel Shrouded in Secrecy

CIA Covert Wars

In Need of A War Ceiling: Afghanistan is Broke, US Drowning in Debt

Can Anyone Stop Bilderberg’s Lust for War?

UAE Hires Blackwater Founder To Set Up Foreign Force

Obama's UN Czar Launches War on Ivory Coast

Globalists Target 100% State Owned Central Bank of Libya

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IBM has new integrated neuromorphic chip and programming architecture that will make it easier to develop brain like systems that are massively parallel

IBM has new integrated neuromorphic chip and programming architecture that will make it easier   to develop brain like systems that are massively parallel

IBM has a new computer architecture, named TrueNorth, which could lead to a new generation of machines that function more like biological brains. This is DARPA SyNAPSE Phase 3.

Visualizing Information the NSA Can Gather from Email Metadata

Visualizing Information the NSA Can Gather from Email Metadata

I'm dying to give three men I don't know access to my email—the same, single email I use for reporting, banking, managing my student loans and writing to childhood penpals with whom I'd once exchanged...

Low-power Wi-Fi signal tracks movement -- even behind walls

The comic-book hero Superman uses his X-ray vision to spot bad guys lurking behind walls and other objects. Now we could all have X-ray vision, thanks to researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial...

Google Mine: All Your Data Are Belong to Us

Google is internally testing a new service, Google Mine, that will be integrated with Google+, according to the Google Operating System unofficial blog. It will let users list their belongings, post photos...

Transfer Our Minds to Machines by 2035

Can the City That Never Sleeps become the City That Never Dies? A Russian multimillionaire thinks so.    

Rise of the body hackers: Google, the wearable web and transhumanism

Shocks to Improve Your Brain

Intelligent Robots Will Overtake Humans by 2100

Are We The Last Generation of 'WILD' Humans?

Navy Unveils Its First Laser Gun

Superstrong, Telepathic - the Bionic Soldiers of the Future

Edible Electronic Devices, For Your Health!

Mars Settlers Wanted to Start Colonizing Mars by 2023

Russia 2045

The Active Denial System

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Emeli Sandé’s 'Clown': A Song About Selling Out to the Music Industry

Emeli Sandé’s 'Clown': A Song About Selling Out to the Music Industry

Emeli Sandé’s video “Clown” is simple, subtle and artistic but nevertheless conveys a very clear and disturbing message about the music industry and those that rule it. Is “Clown” about Emeli...

Paris Jackson's 'Illuminati' Tweets

Paris Jackson's 'Illuminati' Tweets

Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, appears to be aware of a lot of things but her life took a turn for the worse in the past months.

Bloodlines: The Royal baby and Hollywood

The son or daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have not only the blood of actual British royalty running through his or her veins, but also the (slightly more diluted) blood of American...

Ricky Ray on Secret Societies, the occult and the NWO

A very special guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Ricky Ray. He lays down some serious information during this interview so take notes or prepare to listen more than once.

The Beatles, Social Agitators

Back when Michael Jackson bought the Beatles' catalogue of songs it belonged to the Estate of Theodor Adorno who owned most all their sings and lyrics HE wrote. Adorno also wrote a LOT of Hits in the British...

Behind The Venetian Mask

The Satanic Sex Cult

Missing Girl was Kidnapped for Vatican Sex

2012 Amerika's Slow Suicide By Choice Lovin' It To Death

Child Predators Invited: 'It Is The Very Nature of a Hollywood Set'

Roman Polanski’s 'Rosemary’s Baby' and the Dark Side of Hollywood

Stalin's Occult Knowledge

Why the Death of the Man Who Was Not Behind 9/11 Was Announced on May 1st

An Insider: Ricky Ray On The Music Industry and MK Ultra

Black Nobility Inbreeding Defined

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Six Lies Most People Believe About U.S. Schools

Six Lies Most People Believe About U.S. Schools

Popular lies about U.S. education certainly don’t do the kids any good. They just let the adults continue to feel comfortable while kids receive increasing diagnoses of ADHD(one in five boys now)...

Schools Are Good for Showing Off, Not for Learning

Schools Are Good for Showing Off, Not for Learning

Suppose you are a student in a high school or college course and a magic fairy offers you the following choice: (1) You will learn the material in the course well, but will get a low grade (a D).  Or...

A Survivalist’s Dream: Dropping Out Of Society

It all started back in fourth grade on the fateful day that I picked up the book My Side of the Mountain (1959) written by Jean Craighead George.

Homeschool is a how-to-live decision not a how-to-learn decision

NPR did a segment on the book Secrets of Happy Families, by Bruce Feilier. His premise is that we should look at what happy families do and then copy that for our own families. Feilier says that happy...

What to Eat When You’re Broke

The lower your income is, the more difficult it is to be particular about what you feed your family.

Forever Food: Miracle Munchables That Never Spoil

Conspiracy House, Because There's A War On For Your Tunes

The Origins of the American Public Education System: Horace Mann and The Prussian Model of Obedience

Homeschooling: The Public Schools’ Invasive Species

Washington Post Gets it Wrong on Freedom, Homeschooling

Why Mothers Kiss Their Babies

Claims That A Social Worker Must OK Your Home School Defeated

Divesting Ourselves From The Matrix

Ben Fuchs: Dealing With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Deciding to homeschool is not about if you'll do a good job

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