Intention Candle

The No One Has To Die Tomorrow 

Intention Candle

Thank you so much for stopping by!

If you would like to help keep all of our candles burning bright, you can sponsor our intention candle display.

We have real candles, in a glass pillar that have a special message for you, with our exclusive no one has to die tomorrow artwork. They would make a perfect gift for yourself, or for someone whose path you feel could use some warm light.

If you make an offering of 44 dollars or more, in your name or someone else’s we will send you a special no one has to die tomorrow candle, like the one seen in the photo. 

Be sure to include an address (or an email address so we can contact you!) .  

With your 44 dollar offering you will get a beautiful candle delivered to your mailbox, as well as a virtual candle on the website!

We will continue to be a bright light in the darkness, your help just makes it a bit easier!

Very sincerely yours,
Jay and Amy de Miceli