Intention Candle

The No One Has To Die Tomorrow 

Intention Candle


Thank you so much for stopping by!

If you would like to help keep all of our candles burning bright,
consider making an offering to no one has to die tomorrow

Any offering is always received with gratitude and love! 

We have been lighting the way since 2004, and we are ready to kick off 2020 and soar into the new decade of clear vision with some creative concepts that we are really excited to share with you

As a thank you, to those of you making a premium offering of 100 dollars or more will  receive a no one has to die tomorrow intention candle! 

Please contact me if you would like to receive one!  
Our intention candles have a special message for you,  and are dressed with our exclusive no one has to die tomorrow artwork.   

Thank you for being a part of the journey!

Remember to keep your candle burning bright,
because no one has to die tomorrow.

Jay and Amy de Miceli