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The Curse of The Truth Movement

The Curse of The Truth Movement

By Amy de Miceli
January 18th 2020

For as long as I could remember the news captivated me, it frightened me just enough to not be able to stop watching. I never liked horror movies, but a nice 48 Hours, or Unsolved Mysteries, those were what my nightmares were weaved with. On Halloween, other kids would be out Trick or Treating, and I was at home watching the news.  It was the real life stuff that I would torture myself with. It was so bad for me, way worse than the ten pounds of candy I would have acquired.

Now I can finally see why it was so intriguing, I understand the insanity that we are all being put through, the constant wave of emotions we are taking part in.  

For many years I have been a writer and researcher in this movement of “awake, truth seeking, activists…” and only recently have I figured out that the truth movement is Cursed! Hexed! A trap, just a gear designed to turn the wheel of fate for the powers that will it to be. This is The Curse of the Truth Movement.

Telling Lies For Your Vision

As a child, the TV was always on in my house, at dinner it was off for about 20 minutes, maybe it was on and the volume was off, but overall it was a constant state of television. 
Good Morning America greeted me as I stumbled into the kitchen, catching all kinds of wild five minute news briefs before I was fully conscious, still in that sleepy state when you roll out of bed, the state akin to hypnosis.

Once a day would not be enough! I would repeat that again in the moments before falling asleep at night, that same hypnotic lulled state, as I listened to the 11 o’clock news from my bed. OH how my child mind would race, listening to the murder - death - kill stories, then weather, then sports, the movie Anchorman captures the mind numbingness of it all pretty well.

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

A monumental memory that has stuck with me and has shaped the news writer I have become, was a Good Morning (mourning) America piece. It must have been Joan London who was preparing the viewers with an explicit warning for the roundtable discussion about the TV movie, “The Day After.  They were giving parents a moment to “remove their children from the room”, it would be far too scary for us to hear.  I had to be under 8 years old and even I saw through their bull.  There was so much more inappropriate content on television, especially the news, but the media tells you “this is scary/be afraid” then people take pause, this is what my fresh little canvas picked up on.  

The stench of their dishonest approach stuck with me.  I knew that the news was scary, but the only time they were warning you, that it might scare you, was when they were talking about a movie, fiction got the “explicit warning”?  

 Pfft, did these adults buy into this crap? This made me a total skeptic.


In 2004, After feeling scammed by the 9/11 narrative, protesting war and seeing past the main stream media lies, no one has to die tomorrow was brought into existence. 

We were a two person operation, Jay was the man behind the scenes, and I was the writer, together, we dove head first into uncovering all the things that we had been lied to about, and outing the liars, our government and our schools and our parents and our doctors, and anyone else who led us into the dark, blindly or maliciously, we would expose them all!

Around this time, there was not a whole lot of real alternative media that was reaching a national audience, unless your show included aliens and ghosts of course. Also around this time a friend from Australia recommended a documentary called, Money Masters. Wow!
It was the banking system that really crumbled our illusion totally.  It was pivotal, and it was exhilarating, but it turns out to be the main trap. It is the poverty magnet and it destroys you, and anchors you to the earth, once you are under its spell.

Riding the High Highs

The energy we had as we began to unravel the NWO playbook was unstoppable!
Pumped up and full of ambition, one article after the next took off, picked up by every possible alternative media outlet available, Rense, Icke, Watt, and of course infowars! There was a time when almost every article I wrote made its way to the big boy, and I was so excited. In fact the biggest bump in reach we ever got was when Jones threw his support behind our work.  With his nod we reached so many people, our website would explode every time an article was on infowars, tens of thousands of hits. I felt like a million bucks, even though I had none, but that was ok because, I knew money was evil.  But it did beg the question, why were most of us not making any money telling the truth?

Where was the love? The reward for being so truthful, was nothing. I foolishly believed that it was just a matter of people hearing the truth that would bust the system wide open.  So we must work harder, more vigilantly always remember that money is evil and the world is controlled by evil and the system I was against will not reward me with their prizes, because I was their enemy. It was perfect for the so called global elite, all these big mouths uncovering “secrets”, such a group of noble men and women, and yet there we all were scrounging around just to “get by”.  It became clear, there would be no money in peddling “truths”, but why?

The False Prophecy  

The curse of the truth movement began to become obvious, and highlighting our lack was not going to deliver us anything but more lack.

The nature of the truth movement ten or fifteen years ago, just lead people into minor, harmless action, protests and shouting at buildings where the evil ones crept. This was not ideal for any soul to battle with, but today in 2020, all this movement creates is divisiveness. That is all that has been born out of that truth movement, total polarization of each other, and it just makes everyone so angry and hostile towards one another.  

It becomes blinding to the preacher of truths, because it is all stemming from a very rational base level position, Fluoride is bad, you should not ingest it, and pesticides are bad, they cause cancer, Wi-Fi, microwaves, fabric softener sheets,  vaccines, war, public school systems, voter fraud, corruption of all kinds at all levels… bad. Bad. BAD!

The problem is that not everyone is ready for this, it is a massive shift, suddenly everything they pull off the shelf is a red flag, anything they enjoyed was now poison, even the comfort of TV was on the banned list! They cannot cope with this, and they will not cope with your new awareness. The majority of your family and friends, are not able to handle so many bad things, and so many changes that you are expecting them to make. Instead of you becoming their saving grace, you become their biggest problem, and in turn you become cursed. 
You are out!

Truth can Become an Illusion Inside of this Ball of Confusion

The curse is always in motion if you feed it with commotion.  The media has beautifully scripted answers for every - single -problem you are shouting about, and the answers are not actually for the bad things, they are scripted eloquently for dealing with you, the Truther! 

You are the bad thing that the sleeping masses must eliminate. The news narrative, aka the social media narrative, creates more conflict, and elevates the stress levels of an already taxed population, they offer a paradigm and round and round you all go.  Even when they are titled fake media, they say whatever they want and they, (as Robert Downey JR puts it), go full retard. They have no need for any excuses, what they say becomes fact once its captured on the frames of time.

The media has a broader reach, and more credibility, because they say so. They create their reality, they create the reality for the people who choose not to create their own, which is a whole hell of a lot of people, and because you are implicated and part of the polarization, they co-create your reality with you and for you.

Vaccines are safe, and guns murder, chemotherapy is healthy, school is for learning, prisons are correctional facilities, whatever they want the reality to be, they say it is, and your contrast gives them credibility (especially since money is synonymous with respectability in this 3d reality, and they have all the money).  

With every anti or pro stance, you are co-creating this reality with them. You are the other side of the polarizing issue, and it’s expressed in an arena of arguing, shouting and disharmony. The big guns, your illumined enemies, get all that they want and more, because you are helping to create their desired outcome. You are the projector, full of passionate emotion, laying out their buffet.

The Ugly Curse

Just look at how awful how this movement treats each other, so many yelling about welfare recipients and food stamp hogs but no answers for the calls for help. I saw almost no one helping families torn apart by CPS for homeschooling their kids or refusing vaccines. No love for the single moms being thrown out of their homes. No love for people who stood up and stood their ground against the IRS and have been thrown in jail and tortured, and gifted what would equate to death sentences. 

These are not just any people I reminisce about these were prominent radio hosts and other people who were touted as hero’s in your truth movement, left as scraps for your NWO to feed off of. Being in this movement can most definitely be a curse, and we have allowed it to work, in fact we have made it work!

So many entranced by the fear have turned into greedy suspicious hoarders, some people are so greedy and insecure that they can’t even be motivated hit a like button on a social media post! Afraid to admit that maybe you don’t know everything, or that someone else might know more. Worst of all, the posts that go viral in the truth community are usually the ones that evoke a ton of emotion, or those posts making fun of someone, because that is the fuel that feeds the real system, the true matrix, a disdain for your fellow man. The power it needs is in your feelings, and your illuminati curse does not care where it feeds off of as long as it is fed.

All Rabbit Hole Roads Lead To Ruin

Your “sleepers” merely normalize themselves with characters on tv and in movies and friends from social media. With their approval, they live in safety and you are a lunatic, too scared to use soap that smells nice or toothpaste that has been approved by the FDA, and forget about that expensive, pretentious, organic food! Which is all fine and great, but it also does not have to be a lesson forcefully taught, they are free to use whatever perfumed anything they want, just like you want to be free to have a vaccine or not. We all have the right to be wrong.

It does become complicated and I could write volumes on the contrast that creates this messed up situation, but it is also very simple to grasp once you can see between the eyes of that two winged creature.

The majority of those you are targeting cannot receive your message and if they did roll down your rabbit hole, their entire world would be a mess, and who has the time or the stomach for that? Instead they run into the arms of those who you are warning them about. It is perfect for the big industries, they then provide a phony source of warmth, full of stuff that can make them feel loved and cared for, like a child.  They will think that they are shining in that bright fake light, and it will make them feel all kinds of selfish emotions, creating an even more ego driven reality, and it grows spiraling outward.

You see it is all the feelings, from everyone, that gets fed into the machine. All the emotionally charged thoughts are the shackles that bind you all together and separate.

You are the Dreamer of Dreams

Whether the illuminati is casting spells or not, you are definitely casting them onto yourself. 

I know it seems crazy, but money is not evil, you don’t need to prep, or hoard, and if you are worrying about not having the cash to swing it, that stress is unhealthier than a couple of non-organic meals.

Here is the most truthful part of the truth movement, it is all here for you. 

Your awakening is an unfolding, a process in which you become aware of who you really are, it can be a slow process or a lengthy one, depending on how long it takes for you to see your earth suit for what it is, not the sum of your being but a mere shell. To recognize that you are so much more than this suit. That is it. 

It is for you to see the roads ahead, to choose your way, faith or fear. When you make the choice, and you make this choice ALL the time, you are not corrected or thwarted, you choose it and you dooz it!  And then there is more unfolding, or not, until you choose again, it is not scary, once you begin to have faith in yourself, and remember who you are and to wander without fear.  It is the message from God (or insert any name you like, the Creator, Goddess, Source, the All, the Almighty, the One), it is the the I AM, and you are here to take care of the I AM, and recognize the I Am in every One, see the greatness in each other.

The Golden Rule

The solution is to treat yourself and other people the same way, the golden rule, you probably learned it when you were five. Understand that your words matter, whether you are speaking to someone or about them, your emotions fuel attitudes that can create disharmonious circumstances, from near or far

Instead, have positive loving conversations about being healthy and free, sidestep confrontations, don’t seek them out, make no judgements, and instead see beauty in those people, after all, your intending to “wake” them up because you care.  

Forgive those who have done wrong, not face to face, do it in your mind, mentally forgive them, for that which makes you loathe them. If you cannot forgive, then abolish their image from your thoughts until that time comes where you can. Make the difference locally, like hyper local, be pro-you! Always see those you love in the best possible light. 

It’s the old airplane going down scenario, you need your oxygen mask first. You cannot be the savior, you are not the savior to anyone but yourself. Thinking that you can save anyone else is your ego out of control.  That is what the truth movement has become, a battle of ego in a world of narcissists, and it’s a losing battle for the spirit, for your spirit.

At the very heart of The Curse of the Truth Movement is the sad fact that it severs the spirit of so many who became a part of it. It makes men and women greedy, grumpy, and ugly on the inside. All the things you think you are fighting against, you become.

The truth movement leaves you Like Michael Douglas at the end of falling down,
“ I’m the bad guy?”

The answer is not simple, but because of all your best intentions and your total inflexibility, you did become your own worst enemy, for the right now has been destroyed by the “what about when”. 

The information is important, but people have to learn for themselves, they must to walk the path, and do their own searching, you can only plant seeds with a simple nudge, but you cannot judge, you cannot argue and force. It’s the constant polarity that ensnares you and the curse takes hold.

You don’t have to believe in magic or curses, but as long as you put your belief into a higher more powerful man, and declaring such men to be the masters of the universe, illumined ones or the bringers of the NWO – YOU give them power to choose for you! Your belief, your fight, your emotional investment, is enough to make their magic work, to wield your anger and post it against you.  

The curse is a scarlet A, but yours is a red label of doubt. The cursed are doubted, and disregarded because of their poverty or greed or arrogance, or just by their plain old craziness. No one will recognize anything you are talking about because part of the curse is to make the rest of the world see you as a fool.

The Fool's Journey

This article was put together to show full transparency as to who I am and where no one has to die tomorrow came from. The truth movement has been a huge part of my life and part of my journey, and it has led me to here.    

I am releasing this to the universe, and onto the world wide web, in hopes that the truth will truly set you free and release us all from the curse!

I have only one last thing, a question for those of you brave and wonderful people who are always willing to find more answers, dig deep and still step back and widen the frame.   

Are you ready to set out on a journey, or would you like to remain the Fool?  

As for me, I AM headed all the way up!

Stay tuned for big things coming from Jay de Miceli and myself and nohtdt!  Big things are on the horizon!  
I raise my glass to the clear vision of 2020 and beyond, I raise my glass to all of you! 

Thanks for listening! 

And as always,  keep your candle burning bright because 

no one has to die tomorrow...