Rise of the body hackers: Google, the wearable web and transhumanism

Are you happy with your body? Or is just too darned organic? The fusing of man and machine is already happening, with so-called 'body hackers' implanting cameras, brainwave sensors and magnets in their bodies to allow everything from mind-control gadgets to dreaming in sound and navigation by vibration.



Shocks to Improve Your Brain

The 'three Rs' of reading, writing and arithmetic could become four. Random electrical stimulation, a technique that applies a gentle current through the skull, leads to a long-lasting boost in the speed of mental calculations, a small laboratory study of university students has found.


Intelligent Robots Will Overtake Humans by 2100

Are you prepared to meet your robot overlords?


Are We The Last Generation of 'WILD' Humans?

Could side effects from food additives, water fluoridation, GMO's, tainted air, excessive vaccines, cause people to become mediocre, and lose their critical thinking abilities? Some new technologies could make living a 'natural' life challenging in the near future.



Navy Unveils Its First Laser Gun

We all know the old saying about the unfortunate soul who brought a knife to the gunfight. In the not-too-distant future, we should be able to say we bested our adversaries because we had lasers, and they showed up with only a gun.

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