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Visualizing Information the NSA Can Gather from Email Metadata

I'm dying to give three men I don't know access to my email—the same, single email I use for reporting, banking, managing my student loans and writing to childhood penpals with whom I'd once exchanged paper letters—but, for now, they won't let me. Their server is down.


Low-power Wi-Fi signal tracks movement -- even behind walls

The comic-book hero Superman uses his X-ray vision to spot bad guys lurking behind walls and other objects. Now we could all have X-ray vision, thanks to researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


Google Mine: All Your Data Are Belong to Us

Google is internally testing a new service, Google Mine, that will be integrated with Google+, according to the Google Operating System unofficial blog. It will let users list their belongings, post photos to a Mine album, and share and track their belongings with friends.


Shocks to Improve Your Brain

The 'three Rs' of reading, writing and arithmetic could become four. Random electrical stimulation, a technique that applies a gentle current through the skull, leads to a long-lasting boost in the speed of mental calculations, a small laboratory study of university students has found.


Edible Electronic Devices, For Your Health!

Someday your prescription pills may actually be digital devices powered by a battery you eat.

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