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Beyonce and Lady Gaga Video: Occult and Demonic References, Abuse, Harassment and Murder of Men

By People Magazine Daily, on 12-31-2009 18:35

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Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s new music video for “Video Phone” includes: the sexual harassment and murder of men; the flagrant abuse of guns; alleged portrayal of numerous occult and demonic gestures, symbols and pledges.

Harassment of anyone is illegal in the United States, and it is not an excuse for women to portray harassment of men in a video just because men sexually harass women in other videos.

The video’s alleged references to occultism was brought to our attention by a young woman who created a YouTube video outlining the images. She said in the video she was contacted by Sony Music lawyers within five minutes of posting a preceding video with a cease and desist email letter.

Her second video did not infringe on their copyright because she did not have any video or audio footage from the “Video Phone” music video, and it was simply her talking to the camera while watching the unseen music video and exercising her freedom of speech. However, it seems as if the woman removed her video from YouTube due to fear or annoyance

If people do not want other people to point out the occult symbols they allegedly use in their video performances, they should not allegedly include them.

Both of these singers have allegedly used these occult and demonic references in their videos and live performances previously.

People think they are stylish, enjoy their music and overlook the bizarre gestures and alleged pledges of allegiance they are making during these performances.

At the beginning of “Video Phone,” after sauntering past the camera dressed like Rihanna with a posse of suited men, Beyonce wears a bikini that is is not just an extremely gaudy and tack garment, it is also covered in well-known occult symbols.

It is black and white in Freemasonic dualistic colors. Her bracelets and watches are black and white as well, and her earrings are half black and white.

Her right breast cup has an alleged illuminated Eye of Horus on it. Her left cup seems to be two phases of the moon.

A snake covers her groin area similar to the representation of Lucifer, the Devil.

Beyonce’s right hip is covered with a dualistic happy and sad face like the dualistic face of Greek theater that is also used at times to signify the many faces of the Devil.

On her left hip, there is a diamond shaped yin-yang representation. Behind the diamond yin-yang is a traditional circular Taoist yin-yang.

Besides being based on the Taoist symbol, this type of symbol is also sometimes used as a Masonic representation of dualism and is other times used to represent the Devil’s order.

There is a snake on the right back of her bra going toward the breast eye.

There are more images on the waist and butt of her bottoms, but it is difficult to decipher them. One appears to be a six-pointed star within a circle or a movie reel. The right butt cheek symbol looks like another eye.

During Beyonce’s dancing, at time mark 1:00 she holds her hands up to her face to make horns.

The men featured with camera heads are like the Eye of Horus all-seeing eye.

Beyonce is also wearing her hair to cover her left eye similar to Rihanna’s new album photos that seems to allegedly represent the Eye of Horus and the occult power it supposedly engenders.

Her facial expression from the beginning is not happy or flirty, it is seemingly “tempting” in a sinister, angry way.

Then, she spits into three Beyonces with two big mirror images of her face behind her that multiply, which are dualistic faces.

beyonce video phone occult black and white bikini front

The two Beyonces on the sides are mirror images and are wearing glasses with each having one eye covered with a black feature that again seems to represent the Eye of Horus.

All of the Beyonces multiply and radiate similar to images used in hypnosis.

The big heads in the background change from her with black eyeshadow to white-silver eyeshadow.

Beyonce does the horn hands again at 1:29, and the video images spasm like a representation of a headache or hypnosis.

She then dances with headless men objectifying their bodies as camera heads and hooded, faceless muscular bodies

One man trapped and bound to a chair with rope is approached by Beyonce, and she aims a gun at his hooded head and taunts, threatens and sexually and physically harasses him, stepping on his body and pointing a gun at his genitalia, head and other body parts.

beyonce tortures man gun video phonebeyonce video phone green devil reptile shirt eye of horus hand pyramid

She changes outfits into a blue leotard with gloves and follows with the same cut outfit and gloves in red similar to Disney’s animated Cinderella when the fairies were fighting and changing Aurora’s dress from blue to red.

Beyonce also harasses other bare-chested muscular men with their faces hooded pointing two guns at them while she is wearing a bullet belt and a see-through clear bra.

One man on YouTube interpreted the event by saying the one man has on a pink belt and the other has on a white belt because the one in the pink does not want to touch her after being aimed at by her guns’ lights and is made gay by the Cupid Beyonce, while the white belted man tries to touch her from behind. Whether or not this interpretation is the original meaning is not of much importance but is interesting.

Beyonce later wears a yellow version of the same blue and pink-red outfits from before. One possible interpretation could be: blue boy; pink-red girl; yellow inter-sexed.

When Lady Gaga enters, she holds a yellow hand-gun, and Beyonce at that point has a red rifle while both wear white outfits and gloves the same cut as Beyonce’s blue, pink-red and yellow ones.

The two women are like the dark and light, black and white motif.

At 2:27 Lady Gaga makes a fast and concise hand gesture of an “L” to outline her left eye that looks like a version of the Masonic compass symbol, which she has gestured in the past.

While Lady Gaga shoots a gun aimlessly and carelessly, one can see what appears to be a horned beast tattooed on her left shoulder.

There are more guns following, and Beyonce strokes a huge gun in a sexual manner followed by her grabbing and playing with her own breasts and gyrating on the gun while wearing a wig with bangs that looks like the insensitive stereotype of an Asian temptress. Her pantie bottom is covered in a harlequin chess diamond pattern like the floors of Masonic temples.

This woman repeatedly claims to the public that she is demure, which seems extremely hypocritical.

Around 3:12 Lady Gaga frames her face with the big “L”s hand gestures like the Masonic compass hand symbols.

Beyonce exchanges the huge gun for a compound bow and arrows while wearing the Japanese imperial sun flag in leotard form, but the sun seems to be in a heart shape.

The Japanese flag could be interpreted as the Illuminati illuminated all-seeing eye rising in the sky.

The Illuminati or a powerful group allegedly rules most countries of the world and numerous powerful companies.

When Beyonce pulls up the bow to sight it, she has her hat cocked to cover her one eye again in the Eye of Horus position.

In a gruesome scene, the two singers inhumanely shoot and pierce the body of a man tied to a rotating target with the light bullets and arrows while he is forced to wear a camera mask. At 3:26 one can see the man’s blood, and his body spasms as he’s being shot and murdered by them.

The scene could possibly be showing them killing the media and photographers that hound them. At the same time, they also court that very attention.

Regardless of any “artistic” portrayal, this violence is gratuitous and inexcusable.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s dance sequence is as if they are dualistic yin and yang twins.

Again Beyonce changes outfits and is wearing a white t-shirt with a green creature on it that seems to be an alien, serpent Devil or both.

The green face has “PEACE” written on its hat. It has the male arrow symbol as one earring and the female cross symbol as the other.

Baphomet, the Devil, is part male, part female human and part goat, and Beyonce and Lady Gaga have used Baphomet’s image on their clothing, videos and performances in the past as well.

While dancing in this shirt, she first makes the alleged Illuminati and Freemasonic pyramid symbol her husband uses for his company, and then she points to the face on her shirt to draw attention and connection to it.

beyonce video phone video 666 ok hand signs occult

Other people and celebrities supposedly unconnected to Jay-Z use the triangle hand gesture, such as Gloria Steinem, Aleister Crowley, dance band Daft Punk, the band Paramore, Tom Cruise and others.

the beatles occult ok 666 hand sign evil eye of horus yellow submarine

Then the video cuts to Beyonce with bangs, and she gestures “OK” signs with her hands that happen to be the 666 mark of the beast symbol; the three fingers make the three sixes with all of them sharing the same circle part of the six.

Before the “OK” sign became to mean “OK,” 666 was its original meaning.

Numerous famous people have used it in conjunction with the Devil horn evil eye hand gesture and the Eye of Horus, such as The Beatles on the cover of The Yellow Submarine and Bono of U2.

At 4:10 Beyonce holds her fingers in “V”s by her eyes while wearing a bra with an eye design on each nipple and a triangle on her bracelet like the Masonic pyramid.

These “V” hand gestures are sometimes used by Freemasons to represent the Masonic compass as a sign of allegiance.

Lady Gaga has used this symbol a lot, and so have other celebrities, such as Simon Cowell on a cover of Rolling Stone.

beyonce eye bra video phone freemason compass hand signs

At 4:22 the two flanking Beyonces subtly make more hand gestures including the alleged evil eye Devil horns and the alleged “OK” 666.

She is then featured in an orange leotard outfit on a parked motorcycle wearing a lightning bolt earring and shooting another bigger blue gun.

Lightning bolts are sometimes references to Lucifer being cast out of Heaven and into Hell. However, whether or not her earring is to represent this sign of allegiance is unknown.

Lady Gaga uses the lightning bolt around her eye and in her logo in a number of pictures and videos.Following the scene, Beyonce shoots two guns while her single eye is multiplied in a hypnotic montage like the Eye of Horus.

At 4:29/30, Lady Gaga makes the circle of the “OK” on the back of her head with her fingers as if she has another eye watching.

There are more montages of Beyonce shooting and playing with various guns in different outfits, and at the very end Beyonce is moaning like a hyper-sexualized person.

Hype Williams directed “Video Phone” and has created videos and photographs for a number of hip hop musicians, such as Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson, Kelis, TLC, Pharrell and DMX.

Many of the videos seem to contain occult references, such as Common and Pharrell’s “Universal Mind Control” and TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

beyonce video phone devil horn evil eye hand symbol hesture japan

The alleged usage of these symbols and gestures seems to allegedly be a continued arrogant pledge of allegiance to a religious-based sect they allegedly belong to or want people to believe they belong to.

Most people do not know what these symbols are, so they would seem to be more for their own members or for people who have researched their meanings.

According to Beyonce during many of her “making of” videos, she claims to be making art. However, her “art” never really shows much more than stripper-inspired sexual gyrations, alleged occult gestures, dancing with wind machines and switching between black, white and color film.

beyonce shoots guns eye of horus video phone

Do you really want to see these images daily on BET, MTV, VH1, MSN, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Bing and everywhere else you are bombarded with them?

One thing everyone can do is support local musicians and businesses and not fuel the fire of the corporate conglomerates and their sub-par products.

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