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British NGO Forecasts Five Brave New World Scenarios Set In 2030

By Amy de Miceli, on 10-13-2008 11:03

Published in : Eugenics, Population

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The propagandists are working overtime to fear the public into submitting to their global warming threats.

 The main stream media is reporting on what the world will be like in 22 years based on a fictitious account, made up by a non-governmental organization know as, Forum For the Future. A self proclaimed, "charity committed to sustainable development" working on behalf of big business. The 76 page report titled Climate Futures A Response To Climate Change in 2030, was created in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Labs.

They outline five possible scenarios of what type of brave new world hell we could be living in by the year 2030; efficiency first, service transformation, redefining progress, environmental war economy and protectionist world. Each one has its own timeline, a make believe "history" with wide array of things that may occur between 2009 and 2030 if we don't start making globalwarmingour number one priority, they include:

Artificially-grown flesh, to feed hundreds of millions, cars run on batteries, microwave weapons deterring hurricanes, a supercomputer named ALF-8; making predictions, a global recession and global taxes, and "bionic games" in California. The middle class is destroyed all over the world, water shortages, food shortages, starvation, the rise of India and China, the fall of America, Russia freezing out Europe, and virtual Olympics. A suicide epidemic in the US because of an economic depression, 2020- the first year of no winter in the northern hemisphere, famine in south east Asia, 400 dollar a barrel oil, heat wave in Europe kills 200 000 and denying climate change is a thought crime and conviction gets you deported to an international convict settlement.

A very Brave New World indeed.

The press describes Climate Futures as "sketches of ...social consequences from today's global warming crisis" that are based on "studies and consultations with...climate-change specialists." A stretch from the description found on page 29, where the NGO describes it's own scenarios as "stories, fictions...to provide a tool for the future" (emphasis added). In an attempt to misrepresent the story, the press rattles off a few intimidating quotes, and label them as part of the "study" :

"NATO is ready to go to war if necessary to enforce the 2020 Beijing Climate Change Agreement, and water shortages have already forced the abandonment of Central Australia and Oklahoma,"

"Booming mega-cities are only just managing to cope and fuel poverty is a huge problem."

"After a decade-long global depression following the 2008 crash, governments keep a tight regulatory hand on the economy and encourage citizens to put greater priority on quality of life than making money."

"Civil liberties have been stripped away. You need a licence to have children in some countries, and if you go over your household energy quota the carbon monitor will turn off your appliances," this scenario suggests.

"Cyber-terrorists operating from safe havens in failed states have already bankrupted two multinationals. Action to mitigate climate change is all but abandoned."

The Climate Futures report is a factually bankrupt fairytale that the main stream media is posing to readers as some kind of legitimate analysis. This is nothing more than another load of propaganda to serve the global elite, and their ultimate goal of depopulation. They want us to walk into our slavery willingly, and be culled with little resistance. We can no longer allow these NGO's and think tanks shape our future, with their man made global warming bullshit, do not go willingly, seek the truth, strip them of their lies.

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Simple machine test

By: Irrarpeld (Guest) on 03-10-2009 21:38

Simple machine test

By: Irrarpeld (Guest ) on 03-10-2009 21:38

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Stories Future

By: philip travers (Guest) on 10-18-2008 20:35

Stories Future

By: philip travers (Guest ) on 10-18-2008 20:35

As someone who can dream up scenarios myself,if the summary of theirs are correct as fictions stories,they are being produced at a time of information overload,where understanding anyone else is like learning a new language again and again.Certainly there is mental exercise and maybe anti-ageing matters involved! If you are the unlucky ones,that honestly will say I dont know,or I haven't really thought about it because I am neither qualified or spent time trying to figure out wether I can plainly accept something as Truth! Yours will be another awakening,I cannot think for the community ,if I cannot think for myself.If I think for myself does that then mean,I do not include the potential of others to define matters themselves from other stories abundant!?Some stories tell themselves and nobody reads them writes them or hears them!They remain as stories though because the difference between a story acknowledged as story and that which isnt,is simply the former derives its existence from the description in a word called story.


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the man

By: meow (Guest) on 10-18-2008 01:00

the man

By: meow (Guest ) on 10-18-2008 01:00

I fail to see anything about this as a BRAVE new world. All these scenarios are based on FEAR. This is a COWARDLY new world, and unless people stop believing in ALL of their propaganda (i.e. terrorists, global warming, and the whole insane notion that there is such a thing as ANY corporation capable of the humanity and global/civic responsibility as to manage the affairs of the human race.) then this IS the world you could have. You humans have NO ONE to blame but yourselves for falling for the mind control programming of a select bloodline elite who want to enslave you just like this.


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