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Idle chit chat can make you unhappy

Having a profound conversation can boost happiness levels, but trivial chatter can be depressing, scientists say.

Violent Video Games Make Kids Hostile

Exposure to violent video games makes kids more aggressive, less caring—regardless of their age, sex, or culture. That’s the conclusion of a study analyzing 130 research reports that included more than 130,000 subjects worldwide.

Teens Glued to TV, Games Screens Less Close to Family

The more time teens spend watching television or playing on a computer or games console, the less likely they are to be close to their family and friends, a study published Monday shows.

THINK Global School
Think Global, a private and nonprofit school is set to open in September 2010, so becoming world’s first global mobile high school. It opens to welcome its first ninth grade class and opines that the future of education requires agility, mobility and allowing students to cultivate an expansive world view.
The Federal Choke-hold on Education

I couldn’t have known it at the time, but my generation that attended schools in the 1950s would be among the last to get an education that the federal government hadn’t dictated or the United Nations had not infiltrated.

Foundations Continue to Mandate American Children's Indoctrination
Teachers College has received a three-year $2.45 million grant from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation to develop a comprehensive social studies and mathematics curriculum about the fiscal challenges that face the nation, which will be distributed free of charge to every high school in the country.
Making children climate drones
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