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Mexican pirates terrorize popular Texas border lake

By liberty pundits, on 05-31-2010 03:07

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Texans aren’t happy.

Falcon Lake is famous for its monster bass and for the maniacal obsession of the fishermen who come from all over Texas — and the world — to stalk them. Now this remote reservoir that straddles the international boundary is known for something else: pirates.

In the past month, crews of outlaws in a small armada of banged-up skiffs and high-powered bass boats launched from the Mexican shore have ambushed bass anglers from the Texas side innocently casting their plastic worms over favorite spots. The buccaneers have struck in Mexican waters but within sight of the Texas shore.

Dressed in black, the pirates brandish automatic weapons, carry radio cellphones and board the anglers’ boats. They demand weapons or drugs from their captives, but finding neither, seem satisfied with taking $400 or $500 as booty, according to law enforcement officials and victims’ accounts.

There is a saying about not messing with Texas, and the idea that criminals are preying on American anglers is raising already-high temperatures along the southwest border.

The Washington Post goes out of its way to point out that the raids are occurring on the Mexican side of the lake, which presumably allows them to argue that if the Americans cross the border and get hurt, it is their own damn fault. That argument, of course, is sneered at when we say the same thing about Mexicans crossing into our country.

But there is also this little throwaway line in the middle of the article that shows they do indeed cross into American waters.

Last week, Border Patrol agents tried to follow a Mexican boat filled with men wearing ski masks, but it was too fast for the agents and entered Mexican waters, where U.S. law enforcement is forbidden.

And we know they cross regularly for all manner of other illegal business.

The traffickers cross day and night, driving boats with bales of marijuana right into the backyards of homes along the lake. They rent cabins at the lakeside state park and stash dope there. The border agents point to a three-story house built like a watchtower on the Mexican shore. The officers frequently see observers with binoculars on the roof. Up and down the lake, netting boats are idled. Nobody waves.

This behavior, of course, should be met by a barrage of hellfire missiles just to clarify which side in this dispute is actually a superpower.

And to get into the debate about whose side of the border this crime is actually occurring on misses the point. Terror on a border lake, where we know terrorists come across, damages American business, tourism, and livelihoods.

On Memorial Day weekend, when 200 bass boats would usually be in town, only two dozen were seen at county ramps Friday afternoon.

After all, would you take your family boating on Falcon Lake this summer?

Forget illegal immigration for a minute. These are Mexicans committing felonies on Americans.

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